It starts with us

Commuting by bike takes a level of commitment that many aren’t willing to give. In this article from the Chicago Tribune the author relates trying it out, the obstacles she encountered and then eventually going back to her car.

The interesting thing is she ran into only a few of the challenges many of us regularly meet and it was enough to put her back on four wheels. My initial reaction was one of disgust, but I also realize that the state of roads in our American cities are much to dangerous for the average person to undertake. That’s what sets us apart.

The future of the American commute includes a lot less cars and a lot more bikes, however it takes a lot of work and resolve to make that happen and it has to start somewhere. So it starts with you and me. The ones willing to brave the dangerous conditions knowing every pedal stroke is making our lives and those of our children that much better.

Keep your resolve. Write your politicians. Get involved in your community. Encourage other people to get on their bikes. And most of all, keep riding. The outcome will be well worth it.

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