Commuter Story: Back in the Saddle

Remember Mike from his crash awhile back? Here’s an update…

I was a hardcore rain or shine 40 mile round trip bike commuter from November 1 2006 until April 4, 2007—-when I was hit by a truck. It took me just about a month to fully heal, what with the hematomas and such. My sweet Gunnar Sport is toast, but I had my LBS build up a 2007 Surly Pacer and I took it home yesterday. I can’t wait to get back on the road on two wheels. The crash was a debacle, and I was lucky to not be seriously injured. The driver’s insurance company was really good when it came to compensating me for my injuries, AND cutting me a check for the jersey/shorts/helmet/sunglasses I lost in the crash. Getting them to pay for the bike took a bit longer, but a check is on the way. I even had to go to court as a witness because the stupid toothless redneck driver fought the ticket. He was not successful—his excuse was “I tried not to hit him, your honor.”

Hilarious, right?

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