Cyclist beats car and bus in commuting race… does it matter?

A press release posted on Bicycle Retailer gives a quick synopsis of a commuting race between a bike, car and bus to see which is faster and, come to find out, a trip that’s less than four miles in rush hour traffic in a major city is fastest on a bike.

I wonder how much this matters to your average commuter? I would say that most bike commuters have a trip over four miles and it takes them longer than it would in a car. At least 19 out of 20 days that I commute I’m slower than if I drove.

Should we be promoting commuting by bike with a claim that it’s faster than using your car when, in most cases, it’s probably not?

In my mind this can cause frustration with people that try it out and realize it takes longer and, people that are smart enough to figure that out beforehand, to scoff at the idea.

I say, promote commuting with benefits that effect everyone who does it. There are plenty… health, money, enviromental, etc. Stick to those promises… the ones we can keep.

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