First Impression: Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers

We’ve received a set of the Rack-Pack I panniers from Deuter USA for review. Up until this point I’ve used a messenger pack for all my cargo carrying needs, however there have been plenty of times where I have to forgo bringing something along because there’s not room or it’s to heavy.

This is where panniers come into play. More capacity and not as punishing to carry heavier loads.

Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers

Installing the Rack-Packs was a breeze. Here’s a picture of the locking mechanism that holds the panniers to the rack:

Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers

As you can see, the packs have a full 360 degree lock onto the rack. To disengage this you simply pull up on the handle and it opens the bottom tab of the mechanism. So to put them on the rack involves pulling up on the handle and setting them on. Then getting the panniers off involves just grabbing the handle and pulling them off. It was extremely fast, easy and efficient. So far this is my favorite aspect of the packs.

The storage area is kept safe and dry with the draw string and the top flap that’s secured with two sets of your standard plastic clips.

Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers

Some other specs on the Rack-Pack I’s…

Space: – 2500 cubic inches (42 liters) of storage
Weight: – 3 lbs. 8 oz.
Storage: – main storage area. one side pocket and one top flap pocket… both zippered.

Deuter Rack-Pack I Panniers

My one nit-pick with the packs is the color choices. Black/Graphite (tested) and Gray/Blue are the available colors and both are pretty muted. I’d like to see a nice bright option for visibility. I’m switching from a bright orange messenger pack and on my ride this morning I felt much more invisible due to the overcast morning, black/blue clothing and, now, my dark colored storage.

Updates will come as I get some more use out of these…

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