Commuting 101: Be aware of common driver mistakes

There are three driver mistakes that cause the most accidents for bike commuters…

  1. Not obeying stop signs and pulling to far into the intersection and into your oncoming path
  2. Passing you and immediately turning right across your path
  3. Turning left in front of you as you’re going straight through an intersection

Here’s a few tips to safe guard yourself…

  • Pedal strong through intersections where you have the right of way. If drivers see you coasting they may think they have time to cut in front of you.
  • Be ready to make a fast right turn. The ability to dive into a fast, tight right turn can save your life when a driver makes one of the above mistakes. Spend some time practicing this move when your life isn’t on the line.
  • While horns, bells and whistles are useful in some situations, be prepared to yell out. It’s instant and doesn’t require moving your hands.
  • Be predictable as possible. Don’t weave in and out of lanes, hold a straight line, signal before turns, etc. The more predictable your movements are, the more comfortable drivers will be with you on the road.
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