When your bike is faster than your car

trafficMy Friday commute home was a good one.

I live in a smaller town and my route to work is pretty much a straight shot down a four lane road. On very rare occasions do I get the opportunity to pass cars that have already passed me since there isn’t usually a ton of congestion, however I left my office right at 5pm on Friday and came up to the one light that sometimes gets backed up. Well I guess everyone decided to leave work at the same time because this light was lined for a half mile.

So I pedaled my bike slowly (it’s uphill) past the huge line of cars, caught the next green light and went on through. I took special notice of a few cars at the back of the line and, sure enough, they never passed me for the rest of the ride. It felt good to know that, for a change, I actually saved time riding my bike.

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