Commuting 101: Plan Ahead

alarm clockUPDATE:check out the comments for more (better?) tips…

The biggest enemy of choosing the bike over the car is not planning ahead. If you don’t plan ahead then it’s way to easy to get flustered in the morning and grab the keys. Here’s a few things to think about the night before to get ready for your commute…

  • Set out riding clothes and pack work clothes
  • What are you hygiene needs? Is your job blue or white collar?
  • What’s your breakfast and lunch plans? If you pack your lunch, do it the night before
  • Check your bike over. Tire pressure, quick releases, seat height, etc.
  • What’s your route and are there any errands? While your route to work may not change much on a daily basis, make sure you ask your significant other if there are any places you need to stop along the way
  • Set the alarm a little early. Allow time to get out the door and ride to work.

What else should a commuter plan ahead for?

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