How do I get my employer on board with bike commuting?

bike rackI received this question from a reader of Commute by Bike:

I’m interested in approaching my employer (a very large, independently owned local business) about starting a bike commuting incentive program. I’ve noticed the number of riders goes up and down, but is generally increasing. I’m wondering what sort of ideas I should bring to the table before I start asking for things in return.

Should I ask for an investment in equipment such as free lights to give out or maybe bike commuters could be entered in raffles? We already have a rather safe rack and shower facilities, but I’m more interested in getting new people to ride to work that never would have considered it before. Hoping you and the commuting experts have some tips for me. Thanks!

— Adam

I would also add, what about an employer that has no considerations for commuters? No showers, bike racks, etc. How do you broach the subject with an employer that’s currently not doing anything for us?

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