What should a commuter eat?

big stack of pancakesI’m that guy that usually skips breakfast for a cup of coffee then heads out the door. I’ve never thought much about how it could effect my commute until yesterday. My wife picked me up so we could do lunch as a family and I opted for the “Belly Buster Stromboli” at the local Italian joint. I was a little worried about being to full for my ride back home but all that meat, cheese and bread was way to enticing.

For the ride home a few hours later, instead of feeling sick… I felt great! My route is pretty hilly so by the time I roll in I’m usually beat, however yesterday I felt like I could turn around and do it again.

So this got me thinking… is there some eating I could be doing in the morning or even the night before to get me in a better state for my daily commute? What’s your commute by bike diet?

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