Dirt Rag Staff Commutes 467 Days, over 10,000 miles

From Dirt Rag Magazine Staff:

One year ago, publisher Maurice Tierney took to heart his employees’ dedication to commuting to work by bicycle. In addition to already providing a commuter-friendly environment-full bicycle repair facilities, shower, bike storage and laundry machines- he decided to provide further incentive for their commutes (between 14 and 25 miles each) with a dollar-a-day compensation. “It’s really just for fun and encouragement, but it’s nice to give payback for being conscientious objectors to the status quo of car commuting,” said Tierney.

One year later, the tallies are in, and the grand totals are as follows:

Days Commuted: 467

Total Mileage: 10,347.5 miles

Most Days: Karen Brooks (112.5)

Most Miles: Karen Brooks (2,812.5)

Shannon Mominee, whose mid-season arrival gave him a stark disadvantage in the overall categories, still managed to commute over 2,000 miles and take second place with 84 days.

Karen Brooks, winner in both the Most Miles and the Most Days categories with a round trip of 25 miles, noted, “It’s sad and slightly ironic that my commuting money will go toward fixing my car.”

Next year’s pool is already going strong, with 23 days commuted thus far as tempertatures fluctuate between 6° and 1°.

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