How should we deal with aggressive drivers?

aggressive driverI recently received an email asking for a discussion on what our response should be when we encounter an aggressive driver (Thanks Paul!). This is a question that I often think about.

I haven’t dealt with a whole lot of problems. A few times I’ve had people get close and blow their horn and my response is usually a wave so they know that I realize they’re there and I’m not planning on giving up my position. This obviously makes them more upset, but I’m not sure what else I can do.

While discussion on how we can raise awareness and create more bike friendly roads is good, what should we do in the meantime when a majority of drivers think we have no right to be on the road?

Personally I always carry a digital camera with me in order to document anything that happens. Another thing I’ve thought about doing is taking down license plate numbers and reporting them. Sure, this probably won’t make a difference but it maybe it would start putting a bit of fire under some people.

So what’s your advice? What, if anything, can we do when drivers become aggressive?

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