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We invented the BIKE SLINGGER for my wife so she could store her bike, but, most importantly, so that she could also get it down. It frustrated her not being able to ride when she wanted. (You know what happened, don’t you?) The bikes were still on the floor and in the way. So after the design was patented and after making some technical and design changes on the first one, BIKE SLINGGER INC. was born. We set up manufacturing   in Colorado over 2 years ago.”– Dale Campbell, Owner

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Testing Grounds:
My garage, Fullerton, Ca.

About Me:
I like beer, bikes and buffets. I am your typical weekend warrior and occasional racer. I look for the same things as most guys would in bikes and accessories, "as long as it works and its affordable!"

Product Tested:


First Impressions and Comments:

Cool looking product and pretty fun to use. Everyone that I show the Bike Slingger to has something positive to say about it. It was pretty easy to use.


  • One sling around the seat –
  • One sling around the handle bars
  • Simply push up on the switch to store your bike up & out of the way, leaving your floor clear.
  • Lowering your bike is just as easy.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for folks that don’t have enough space in their garage or apartment
  • Excellent for those that have back problems
  • Strong Motor
  • Has many options so you can store other equipment such as:Wind Surfers ,Surf Boards , Golf Clubs , Motorized Scooters , Ladders – Sawhorses & like items , Kayaks- Canoes


None! The Bike Slingger was easy to install and fun to use.


The installation only took me about 20 mins. The hardest part of it was trying to find a stud on the ceiling of my garage. But once I found them, all I did was place the Bike Slingger on and tighten the screws. After plugging it in, I mounted the straps to the stem and seat of my heaviest bike, my Giant Warp. The bike weighs about 35lbs. Part of the review process was to see if the Bike Slingger would eventually lower the bike on its own due to its weight. So I left my Giant Warp lifted on the Bike Slingger for about a good 40 days. Occasionally I would lower or raise the bike for cleaning or maintenance. After the test process, I found that the Giant Warp never budged. It only moved when I would flip the switch.

The Bike Slingger can not only store your bike, but it also doubles as work stand. While the bike was lifted up above the ground, I would lower it  enough so I could work on my bike. The Bike Slingger could also hoist up 2 bicycles if you had the additional strap that they sell. In fact you could buy the Stuff Slingger to store up just about anything you desired.

Would I recommend it?

Heck yeah I would! I thought the Bike Slingger was a great item to have in anyone’s garage. Wether you’re in need of extra space or you just want a clever way of storing your bicycle, then the Bike Slingger is perfect for you!

Cost: $199.99 FREE SHIPPING!

You can find more info about the Bike Slingger HERE!



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