Time for Cyclists to Hit Streets, Promote Bike to Work Week

RedNova News:

High gas prices and torn-up streets work in favor of alternative commuting methods such as bicycling, but Bike to Work Week organizers say employers play an important role in the movement, too.

“If most people took the effort and got the employers excited, I think they would be supportive,” said Angela Dalton, who has helped with this year’s Bike to Work Week program, which started May 14 and continues through May 20.

Dalton works in downtown Des Moines as an assistant ombudsman in the state Citizens’ Aide Ombudsman office. She makes her 4.5-mile ride into work two to five days each week.

“The health benefits of biking to work are a major reason why businesses should support it,” she said. “I get to work in the morning with my blood pumping and my energy is high. Because I exercise regularly, my health is better, and that relates back to work with less sick days.”

Dalton said her supervisors have supported her decision to commute on her bike, and have even made some accommodations to make it easier for her.

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